40-30 Benelux

Jan 22, 2018 | Worldwide

Launch of 40-30 Benelux

With a strong presence in France, subsidiaries in Singapore, United Kingdom, Spain and Portugal, 40-30 is glad to announce the launch of 40-30 Benelux, based in Rotselaar, Belgium and serving customers from Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

This new subsidiary will participate to 40-30 strategy to intensify the business of 40-30 on this market. Representing all 40-30 activities, 40-30 Benelux will build on 40-30 long-standing commitment, as well as the growth potential of the Benelux market.

40-30 will pursue its international development with a local presence.

40-30 Benelux

Wingepark 16/A
3110 Rotselaar
GSM +32 499 75 72 26

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