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Spares Center

Supply of spare parts, sub-assembly & reconditioned equipment

A presence on every continent thanks to our e-shop.

A stock of over 10 000 parts and sub-assemblies, new, serviced and guaranteed.
Electronic boards, RF generators, motors, robots, vacuum pumps, chillers, MFCs, manometers, leak detectors, valves, process equipment, process kits, power supplies...

Operational equipment available through our network.

Dismantling and revaluating production equipment for micro and nano technologies.

Search for second-hand parts and equipment.
The guarantee to buy equipment in a perfect working state and the insurance to receive an efficient after-sale service.

An alternative to repairs,
an immediate availability of spare parts.

▪ 1500m² for exhibition and storage ▪ More than 2000 clients worldwide
▪ European & Asian websites ▪ Revaluated spare parts & equipments