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MINATEC Nanolab™

With MINATEC Nanolab™, get an experienced partner to enable your nanotechnology laboratory projects

The CEA (Atomic Energy Commission), the CIME Nanotech (Joseph Fournier University and the Grenoble Institute of Technology) and 40-30 created the MINATEC Nanolab™ consortium, helping emerging countries to join in to the huge market that is nanosciences development.

This project already took 40-30 to Vietnam, Tunisia, Madagascar, Benin, Brazil, Ecuador, Cuba, Peru…where, gradually, close relationships show an important potential for development.

Reach your strategic goals in a short time with the appropriate means

Support an existing industry
Generate intellectual properties
Develop an innovation-focused culture
Develop and assist research
Industrial attractiveness
Strategic independence
Youth training
Create start-ups
Create jobs

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