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40-30 AMPS®


Process control & quality through innovation

40-30 is launching the commercial version of AMPS® , innovative procedure creation/management software aimed at all sectors of industry and research to ensure full control of quality, traceability, operational management, training and industrial property protection through effective procedure management.

With 5 years of R&D behind it, AMPS® is now installed on 10 of 40-30's production sites(including Singapore and the UK) and has been adopted by high-profile organisations(McPHY ENERGY, CEA, AREVA). AMPS® currently includes over 2,500 procedures and the aim is to become the gold standard wherever there is a need to organise, share and monitor technical operations.

AMPS®is intuitive, graphic and flexible and is based on ultra-lightweight full-Web technology (no client station installation required) for on-site or remote use.