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Grenoble for BioliSME II project partners



40-30 received in 30th and 31st of January their partners of the BioliSME project. The meeting occurred at Maison Minatec in Grenoble.

This event allowed 40-30 to unveil the prototype #2 which is designed to be used in a real-world environment.

Partners were delighted with their cold but shiny stay including a visit to the showroom of the CEA.

Remind that the project is a consortium of EU companies, universities and research centres has joined efforts through BioliSME project (7th PCRD) to develop the technology to overcome these limitations.

The Consortium achieved the project's aim of building a prototype device which integrates surface sampling and L. monocytogenes detection functions. This device allows semi-automatic sampling of food-contact surfaces and measurement of contamination levels by Listeria monocytogenes in less than 3 hours compared to 24 to 48 hours with conventional measurements.

The project Consortium is formed by the following members

▪ Betelgeux, S.L.Spain
▪ Ainia Centro Tecnológico Spain
▪ 40-30 France

▪ Photek Ltd. UK
▪ Dublin City University Ireland
▪ University of Southampton UK