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AMPS incorporates gesture recognition


At the time of wearable computing and Kinect® , 40-30 takes a step ahead in order to provide its maintenance engineers with a comprehensive and ergonomic tool for interventions in hazardous areas (chemical risk , contamination, difficult access places...).

To complete the equipment of the engineer of the future, 40-30 included in its software AMPS® gesture recognition. Through a single sensor, the LeapMotion®, the technician in intervention may, without contact, browse the software and enter information, recovering all the functionalities of a standard AMPS in its embedded , lightweight and functional equipment.

This device is particularly suitable in situations of chemical or bacteriological risks and when the technician is equipped with PPE that make the use of conventional interfaces uneasy (keyboard, mouse, touch screen...).

The 40-30 R&D team participates in the implementation of Boodi II.

The Boodi II project is one of the Minalogic competitiveness cluster which aims at developing a concept of glasses with built-in screen in order to provide an innovative tool for the industry and medical domain.

Boodi II partners


Phi Design

CEA Grenoble

Surgiqual Institute