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40-30 was chosen by Labthink

40-30 40-30 was chosen by Labthink®

February 2014, Charles Agnetti, 40-30 Vice-president and Charles Lee, Labthink® International Service Manager, at Labthink® headquarters in Jinan, China.


40-30 becomes Labthink® after-sales service agency on the territory of Europe

40-30 is a Grenoble-based engineering company. 40-30 focuses its activities in high-tech equipment by carrying out maintenance and repair for a wide range of technologies, like vacuum technologies and gas analysis, electronic and radio frequency, mechanical parts and sub-assembly cleaning for cleanliness applications, service or repair on production & laboratory equipment. Mainly present in France, with 3 production sites close to Grenoble (Bernin, Saint-Geoirs, Saint-Egrève) and other production sites in Paris region (Ulis), south of France (Meyreuil, Toulouse) and Tours, 40-30 is also present worldwide in UK, Singapour, Morocco, Russia, Switzerland (CERN).

Created in 2001, Labthink® is dedicated to providing professional testing instruments, consulting, testing services and quality assurance solutions for global customers and their packaging quality control. Labthink® serves customers from a wide range of industries including packaging, food, pharma, daily chemical, printing, adhesive, automotive, petroleum chemistry, biotechnology, construction, renewable energies and many other industries. Some of Labthink® clients include Siemens, Pfizer, Procter&Gamble, Pepsi, Lenovo, Nestlé, Mars, Samsung. Headquartered in Jinan, China, Labthink® has a representative office in Guangzhou and a comprehensive sales network in more than 40 countries and regions globally.

Being a solutions provider for industry with more than 25 years experience for industries including paper and packaging, 40-30 was chosen by Chinese packaging quality control specialist Labthink® to ensure its technical support in Europe. In the framework of this partnership, 40-30 will ensure the product installation, debugging, training, repairing, maintenance and calibration performed after the warranty period for Labthink® customers.