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40-30 in Présences #257

Présences #257

As a historical partner of the CEA, 40-30 is now diversifying its services and expanding internationally

With over 3,000 clients, 40-30 has gained the loyalty of major clients such as the CEA and STMicrolectronics who have called on its services since 1987.

"We regularly work on almost all CEA sites as well as most major research centers such as the ILL, ESRF, GANIL, CNRS, CERN and CNES." says Pierre Delalez, president of 40-30.

"Since 2007, we have invested €6 million to develop new activities and €3 million to bolster our international expansion. Originally located on several sites across France, we are now present on all continents, either through subsidiaries in Singapore, China, India, Thailand, Malaysia, England and Ireland, or thanks to partnerships in Morocco, Tunisia, Brazil, the United States, Russia, Spain, Italy and Germany."

A diversification move adds five business units

Maintenance is the cornerstone of 40-30's business and includes 25,000 maintenance requests per year, 30% of which are carried out on client sites. The company's new complementary activities are divided into five business units: Training, Engineering, Software (AMPS - Advanced Management Procedure System), Spares Center (spare parts, sub-assembly and reconditioned equipment) and Sales Representation.

Complete maintenance solutions combined with a wide field of expertise

The partnership between 40-30 and the CEA began with maintenance services for vacuum pumps and MFC repairs. As the CEA's needs evolved, 40-30 expanded its fields of expertise to areas such as sub-assembly repairs (printed circuit boards, RF modulators...) and cryogenic systems.

"We count on 40-30 for both general maintenance operations and specialized services. We appreciate dealing with a single entity that offers comprehensive solutions." explains Philippe Bertonnier, in charge of maintenance at the Leti.

"Recently, we have been benefiting from 40-30's purchasing expertise in order to buy second hand parts to help reduce our maintenance costs. In addition, we often call upon their training know-how to expand the skills of our technicians and engineers."