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40-30 international deployment

40-30 innove et déploie des solutions clés en main

40-30 develops and implements turnkey solutions

Following several years of investment, the deployment of new activities of 40-30 is finally engaged and international development is moving to another level.

After 3 years of preparing the groundwork, 40-30 becomes privileged partner with US-based Agilent Vacuum Product Division for setting up a worldwide maintenance network.

A new subsidiary CSA 40-30 China in Shanghai commenced its activities in 2014. Other subsidiaries (40-30 Malaysia Ltd, 40-30 Thailand) should open shortly, by joining existent affiliates, 40-30 Singapore and 40- 30 UK Ltd. Next targets for development on the schedule are India, north-African and south-American continents. 40-30 enhances its presence in Europe via a subsidiary in UK, multiple partnerships and growing customer base in Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Italy, Central and Eastern European countries.

AMPS®, (Advanced Management Procedures System) the enterprise worthy software designed by 40-30 for managing process flow and procedures critical production environments, is the core element of this partnership with Agilent Vacuum Product Division. Recall that 40-30 entrusted the development of AMPS® to a strategic partnership formed out of 3 US companies (Rockbridge Services LLC, ClearWave Software, External Resources) within a license agreement for the transfer of intellectual property. Developed under HTML 5 with the framework Angular JS (Google) and performed on Node Web JS Servers, the next full version release of AMPS® will be platform independent, browser based application, supporting PCs, tablets, and smart phones (IPhone, Android, and Windows), bringing therefore the open source technologies, responsiveness and mobility, essential to maintenance procedures and process management.

40-30 will continue its development commitment to the current generation of AMPS®, developed under Microsoft technologies, ASP .NET MVC, C#, as well as leverage the Bootstrap framework.

The other 40-30 activities (training, e-commerce, ingineering, sales rep) are progressing in the same direction with various partners on all continents.

Press Contact
Irina Gafton
International Development
Project Manager
T +33 (0)4 76 84 40 30

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