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Vacuum technology / Gas analysis

Vacuum pumps of all brands, from primary to ultrahigh vacuum.
Wet, dry, turbomolecular, cryogenic, ionic.
Manual, pneumatic and motorised valves of all brands, all sizes.
Accessories and vacuum connections.
Manometers, Mass Flow Controllers (MFC).
Helium leak detection, analysis of residual gas.
Calibration of manometers and reference leak.
Maintenance, calibration and repair of leak detectors, spectrometers.

Electronics / Electrotechnics

Analogue and digital LV and HV sub-assemblies.
Boards, variators, robots, regulation systems, frequency converters, controllers, connection cables, screens.
Industrial Radiofrequency.
RF/DC generators, RPS, Matches, measurement systems, plasma sources...
Chillers, heat exchangers.

Cleaning & ultraclean reconditioning

Metallic and organic particle decontamination, surface control, analysis of residual gas, baking.
Ultraclean reconditioning of sub-assemblies made of ceramic, quartz, saphir, aluminium, stainless steel, polymer.
Cleaning using different processes.
Chemical, thermal, mechanical, ultrasonic, CO2

Service or repair on production & laboratory equipment

Maintenance and repair of complete equipment dedicated to micro and nano technologies.
Etch and deposit equipment, centrifuge, thermal treatments, deposit of resin...
On-site installation, commissioning, setting-up.
Calibration, helium leak detection, residual gas analysis.
Preventive and corrective maintenance.
Equipment transfer..
OEM supported.
AMAT, LAM, STS, KLA, TEL, ASML, Semitool, Electrotech, Balzers, Thermco, Avisa...

▪ 25 000 service/repairs p/a ▪ Work is either carried out on your site or at our premises
▪ 24/7 x365 ▪ Qualified field staff available for area with radiation hazards & leak testing (NDT qualified personnel according to standard ISO 9712-EN 473)